MYTHFITS: If the myth fits, Live it!


This section of the website is devoted to discussion of mythological matters, individual stories and archetypal insights from a wide-range of cross-cultural tales. 


Hari Meyers M.A., MFCC, 

Hari has told mythological stories for over twenty years -- in men's groups, at conferences, in mixed gender circles, in classrooms from elementary schools to universities and on a cruise ship that circumscribed the globe. 



For many  years he told a story every first Friday of the month at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts.  


Resurrecting a Tradition 

"In the manner of an ancient Greek rhapsode, a medieval troubadour or a modern African griot, Hari Meyers dramatically tells the timeless tale." 


R. Johnson, author of "He", "She", "We", etc. 

I believe that the live transmission of stories, theater pieces, wisdom of all sorts contains a vibrant quality of Soul which is absent in the same material relayed via media. In a live performance, storyteller and audience merge as one deeply receptive entity.

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