There is a book in you wanting to come out. Are you ready to write it?

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Now is the perfect time to begin that book within. Or perhaps you have started your writing but have hit that dreaded writer's block.




Experienced Writing Coach available to help in all stages of your writing, from encouragement to structure, tone of voice/style and even final edit.


Hari, a world traveler, has published a memoir of his adventures  in India in the 60s, has a Masters in English from U.C. Berkeley, one in Counseling  and worked as a psychotherapist for 15 years. As a roving storyteller of classic mythology for 25 years, he understands literary patterns and archetypes and has a unique ability to intuit even subconscious intentions and goals. He is committed to the raising of consciousness in all endeavors.  



Hari is the guy, to listen to your ideas, reflect alongside you and prod you through the rough spots. His patience and attention to detail will help you to eventually attain your goal of a finished book.  

~ Noelle Barton


have been working on a non-fiction book on Spirituality for the past 3 years. I hired Hari to help me complete the book, using both his skills as an author’s coach and as editor. Hari has helped bring life back into my writing with his insightful honesty and endless encouragement. As a result, my personal stories are much more engaging, and the ideas I’m conveying are concise and clear. Hari’s background as therapist can also be useful when experiencing writer’s block. In addition to his skills as editor, his overall attitude is one of serving the writer, while staying true to the story or idea that is being written. I know that I will complete my book in the coming months because Hari is helping me.

Anna Gatmon