“I really believe that the Mahabharata is the greatest story ever,

and it is my honor to tell it to you.” Hari Meyers, Storyteller


The Mahabharata DVD set (3 DVDs - 4.5 hrs)

Storytelling by Hari Meyers

Performed February 2019 at the dhyana Center, Sebastopol, CA

Musicians: Kim Atkinson & Gordon Pugh 

Videographer: Alan Fitch - Visual Story Media

Editing: Daniel Narayan Meyers

Brilliantly chronicled in this timeless epic are the conflicts and actions which moved our world from a more noble age to this debased period, from which we pray and aspire to awaken. It is a tale not only of the affairs of men and kings but also of the unseen force we call “the Will of Time,” revealing the struggle in every soul as individual dreams come up against the collective reality of this world.

  Disc 1: Prologue: The Contest in Heaven

              between Veda Vyasa and Lord


              Part 1: Of Lineage, Youthful

              Promise and Adult Betrayal

  Disc 2: Marriage, the Dice Game and Exile

  Disc 3: The War, the World After and the

               Path to Heaven 


Teachers have claimed for millennia that “Understanding even a portion of the Mahabharata will loosen the knots of karma, advance and enhance your life.”


What people are saying....

"We really enjoyed it and found it to be very well done-- great editing plus the gorgeous illustrations  that were added in."

"The music could not have been better and created a real ground to the story." 

"You have created something that will last a long time ... it really is a gift." 

"The richness of Hindu/Vedic mythology is outstanding. We thank you so much for great entertainment and wisdom! "


The Norse Saga (1 DVD, 1 hour and 40 minutes)

$15 plus $5 S&H

norse saga.jpg

The Norse Saga

begin the saga with All-Father Odin's thirst for knowledge. Every morning he would send forth the Ravens, Memory and Thought, to fly over the world of Asgard and report to him all they saw. But he wanted to know more than current events; he desired to know of the word’s beginning. To learn of this he traded his right eye for one drink from Mimir’s Spring, the Fount of Knowledge. He learned more than he wanted to know; he learned of the world’s foreordained ending as well as its timeless beginning and became obsessed with finding some way to ward off the inevitable doom. Through these tales weave as well the fabulous figures of mighty Thor, of cunning Loki, of innocent Freya, the Keeper of the Apples of Immortality, and many others.


My version of the Norse Saga is 1 hour and 40 minutes and is in four sections:

Part 1 —Odin ad the Desire for Knowledge

Part 2 — Loki and the Desire for Power

Part 3 —Thor and the Desire for Renown

Part 4 — All Things Come Round; Desire for Peace, Love and Justice




Originally published in 1979, the narrative memoir “Hariyana,” the tale of one man’s search for God in the India of the late ’60s, has become something of an underground classic amidst the literature that chronicles the hippie road scene (the hashish trail) in its “heyday.”  The discourses of the colorful Bengalu sage, known as “Father,” are beautifully woven into this fascinating narrative.     

248 pages with illustrations……$20 + $5 shipping